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I’m Kendyra, a Vegan Business-woman and Entrepreneur, and this is my website. I live in Vancouver, Canada. I still stare in amazement at my (German) husband as he eats non-dairy cheese. Miracles do happen! He knows too much about dairy cheese. It helps that he’s also an Organic Chemist and understands the health-science behind this choice. Our family members include a teenager, 14 year old vegan orange tabby cat and 6 rescued budgies.

My Vegan Values consulting business was started in June 2017. ¬†I’d been slaving in the kitchen preparing 100% plant based chocolate, matcha cupcakes, green smoothies, raw pizza and hummus for family and friends for years. Having avoided meat in my diet as a 6 year old and going completely vegetarian as a teen I had always been baffled as to why I hadn’t dropped dead when I gave up animal protein in my diet. Now I have the Plant Based Nutrition education from e-Cornell to explain this reality; the protein myth. I’m living proof that a plant based diet supports the science behind it. Let me help you on the path to a healthy 100% Plant Foods based way of eating and start saving animal lives.

Analysis of your 3 day food diary and personally designed vegan meal plan: $150.00. Includes customized macros and nutritional pie chart. AND 10% of my consulting fees are donated to an animal charity.

Subsequent consultations: $125.00 for one on one 90 min. session.