Ask 100 Vegans,  and you’ll  likely get the same 3 answers:

1) Following an animal free diet of unprocessed 100% plant based foods because it’s HEALTHIER
– Did you know that… Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition 2016 Study revealed that vegans have a 15% lower incidence of all types of cancer, 34% lower risk of female-specific cancers, and 22% lower risk of colorectal cancer.
– Did you know that…Diabetes Care Journal 2009 Study revealed that vegans have a 49% lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

– And…according to The Journal of the Alzeimer’s Association, a diet focussed on extra leafy green vegetables, fiber, fruits, and berries is associated with a 53 % reduced incidence of Alzeimer’s disease particularly for those pre-disposed.

2) REDUCING THE NUMBER 1 CONTRIBUTOR TO GLOBAL POLLUTION and destruction by refusing to support the consumption of animal products

3) Having COMPASSION for ALL animals

Who am I? Someone who wants YOU to consider going Vegan; for the animals, the planet and your health.

  • I’m a green eyed, animal loving, Canadian vegan (since 2012) who would have become Vegan earlier if I had known more sooner. Knowledge is power and Nutritional ignorance is…..well, not a good place from which to make important dietary decisions.
  • I  have my Plant Based Nutrition Certificate, completed in June 2017 from e-Cornell and T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies (New York). I want to share everything I learned and spread the word. I’ll save you time and money by helping you on your way to setting up and following a healthy, cruel free and more environmentally kind diet, whether you want to :
    Lose fat
    Build muscle
    Reduce cholesterol
    Improve your diabetes
    Learn new recipes
    Eat out but still eat healthy
    Think outside the box, nutritionally speaking
    Determine the perfect macro-nutrient ratios and calories for your goals….
    I can help and answer your questions.
  • I’ll donate 10% of my Consulting Fees to an animal or environmental charity.
  • By day I advise clients in the Financial and Risk Management sector, but between meetings  (and sometimes in them) I love to inspire others to try a Vegan lifestyle. My passion is saving animal lives by educating people and designing Vegan Meal Plans for humans, cats and dogs. Most people love animals and it’s just crazy to the animals that a True Animal Lover would love some (cats, dogs, hamsters)  but kill and eat others (cows, pigs, chickens).
  • My objective is  getting others to question traditional values about how much protein we need and if animals really need to die for us to thrive. My knowledge is both experience and science based. I gave up meat 30+ years ago.  The university courses I completed were based on peer reviewed studies of Plant Based Nutrition over the last 50 years. I questioned the need to eat meat when I was 6 years old. I’ve pretty much stuck with this thought and Finally learned to question the media that tells us otherwise. I suggest others do the same. Look at the sources of your information.
  • Have you pondered the possibility of  a vegan lifestyle and saving (an average of) 95 animal lives a year? I can personalize your macros and provide the latest peer reviewed research studies supporting a plant based way of eating.

Will you consider taking a vegan journey?