Lets do it RAW

Raw Vegan LunchEver wondered what it would be like as a Raw Vegan?
Well all 3 of us have tried it and we’d love to share our experiences.
This week we shared lunch with Brian “The Raw Diet” at one of our favorite vegan cafes, Indigo Age. We discussed Brian’s journey to vegetarian (for 2 years) and then his transition to veganism.

Brian has been a mostly raw vegan for over Ten years. How did this transition start? He was on a political tour of a slaughter-house (kill room) in Saskatchewan where he saw the gruesome treatment of a cow being prepared for market and bled. Do you remember when you were a kid and your parents told you; “Oh the animal doesn’t feel any pain when they’re being killed”. Well, that was a big – fat – lie. Animals can see, hear, smell and feel incredible emotional fear and physical pain. Brian immediately stopped eating meat. It was out of compassion.

He started out on his venture as an organic farmer in the Lower Mainland and is now a successful Vegan Entrepreneur who makes his products with Love. These are all organic and include 6 different flavors of kale chips, raw seed crackers, delicious spreadable cheeses, flax macaroons (cacao, matcha and almond) and well as gourmet Cacao avocado pudding.

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