What kind of detox is best for you?

When it comes to detoxing there are different levels of eliminating toxins from our body through our lymphatic system, sweat glands, digestive tract and dietary choices.

The best way to start a detox is slowly. Here are some steps to consider:

-week one:

*stop or eliminate cigarettes by 50%, * replace dairy with plant based alternatives such as organic coconut or  organic almond milk yogourt in place of dairy yogourt * Substitute organic nut milk for cow’s milk in cereal and replace dairy cheese with an organic hummus or plant based cheese such as Chao, Daiya or other brands offered by your specialty store.

-week two: continue with the changes in week one and ADD:  *increase water consumption to 8-10 glasses a day of filtered water (I like to buy the 18.5 liter bottle of Canadian Springs, and carry a 16 oz bottle with me when I’m out.) The easiest way to fit in your water: 2 glasses in the morning after you wake up and brush your teeth. Then 2 glasses between meals. ie: the 3rd cup (at least an hour) after breakfast and the 4th one hour before lunch or your morning snack. Number 5;  an hour after lunch followed by the 6th glass an hour before dinner.  An hour after dinner have your 7th cup. Then have the 8th cup before bed after you brush your teeth. Be sure to drink water while at the gym or if you’re doing any other physical activity that makes you sweat. If you’re a coffee drinker; switch to no more than one cup of coffee a day and make it organic (Tree Organic is an option, Whole Foods offers organic coffee as does Glory Juice). If you like to add milk, carry a small amount of your organic nut milk in a little thermos. If you still need a caffeine fix in the afternoon, try an organic matcha latte with almond milk or an organic green tea. You can make it at home in the morning and pack it in an insulated travel mug. If your coffee isn’t organic – it contains pesticides which are a toxin. Coffee is also an addictive stimulant, and if skipping it gives you a headache then you have a toxic build up. Matcha is full of anti-oxidants and is non-addictive, and contains a slower release of caffeine. There is no such thing as organic dairy because you are what you eat, and you are what your food ate. Cows are eating non-organic food and those pesticides are most concentrated in their flesh and milk.


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