Why hire a Vegan Consultant?

Why hire a Vegan Consultant?


I’m passionate about veganism, health and nutrition. I’m also certified in Plant Based Nutrition through e-Cornell University New York, and I want to share this information with you. I wish I knew 10 or 20 years ago what I know now, about a Whole Foods Plant Based lifestyle.  I hope to save you years of searching and provide you with the ‘facts’ and some real life experience that get you on the path to incredible health.

If you choose to apply this knowledge, you will gain more than improved health. You’ll also be more environmentally responsible, save animal lives and reduce the horrific suffering that animals are subject to when exploited by humans for food.

Speaking of Environmental Responsibility; “You can never throw something away, you can only throw it around”. My grade 9 chemistry teacher told us this. What does this really mean? Let’s say you use regular laundry detergent instead of bio-degradable. No big deal right? Actually it is a big deal, because it means unnecessarily contributing to the pollution in oceans and lakes. It’s our only planet and what’s best for our environment is best for us. Let’s constantly evolve and learn new ways to reduce the pollution of our water sources and the air we breathe. No one is perfect and no  one ever will be, but we can strive to be better, reduce, re-use and recycle.

There is soooo much information on the internet, on You-Tube, in books, in newspaper articles, on talk shows, in the news, the guy on the elliptical next to you at the gym, people in elevators beside you, etc….How is a person supposed to know what the healthiest diet is and the diet that has the least negative impact on our planet? Plant Based Whole Foods is the answer. ‘Plant Based’ means NO animal products in our diet, only plants. Whole Foods means not processed or only minimally processed. Pretty easy hugh? If your food had a mother, don’t eat it.

Let’s look at the facts. My Executive Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from e-Cornell University New York, (June 2017) is current and science based. What does that mean? It means when I signed up for an education in Plant Based Nutrition, I wasn’t looking for anymore opinions. I was looking for the facts, which are based on science, conducted by unbiased researchers, over the last hundred years, on millions of people, which were well documented, mostly peer reviewed, and not conducted by corporate entities looking for a pre-determined outcome.

The facts I learned provide us with knowledge that we can apply to make healthy choices. Do you know that cancer genes can be turned off and on with specific foods? It’s been proven in labs.  It’s the job of universities to educate us, not large corporations that want to sell us their products; like eggs, beef, chicken wings, double cheese pizza, or a new improved protein powder. I feel privileged to know the facts, the little known science, which isn’t really available unless you pay for it. Universities don’t give away information for free. You have to enrol, take tests, watch lectures, take notes, do quizzes, write papers, learn how to research and check sources of information. I truly believe that; ‘The Truth will set you free.’

So; you would hire a Vegan Consultant…to learn about Plant Based Nutrition so you can start following the healthiest most compassionate and environmentally responsible science based way of eating and living!

To your health.

Kendyra Corttni

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