How many animal lives are saved each year, by one human-being who follows a Vegetarian diet? 95! So being Vegan would save even more lives  because Vegans don’t consume the dairy, fish, eggs and seafood that many vegetarians eat. A healthy vegan diet is comprised of 100% plant based, mostly non-processed foods, that can make people thrive without anyone else (cows, pigs, fish or birds etc…) being killed.

I am Certified through the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies in Plant Based Nutrition (e-Cornell University New York), and I am also a Certified VLCE; Vegan Lifestyle Coach and & Educator, graduation class of September 2018 at the Main Street Vegan Academy in New York, run by the lovely, compassionate, inspiring and brilliant, Victoria Moran.

My mission is to inspire, motivate and educate others so that they can make an informed decision about whether they would also consider becoming vegan. I use the science taught to me through my education (above) and my personal experience being a vegan since 2012.

Let me save you time and money by designing a custom made eating plan to suit your individual needs. See my Blog article: ‘Why hire a Vegan Consultant?’ We cam also discuss the compassion you would be bestowing on animals by not consuming their milk, eggs or flesh. Lastly there is the environmental issue. Animal agriculture creates lots of pollution on planet earth. As my grade 11 chemistry teacher said: ‘You can never throw anything away, you can only throw it around. It we contribute to raising animals for food then we are perpetuating the tonnes of veterinarian medications given to animals which end up in the air, soil and water that we all need to stay healthy. Let’s look at the big picture and try to extend our kindness to our own body, the bodies of animals and our planet by following a 100% plant based diet.

10% of your fee is donated to an animal charity.